- Release Email -

They're here!  Our newest releases & more...

Thank you for your interest in our new winery project!  We are so thrilled to announce the release of our 2013 vintage wines, as well as the “last call” for our inaugural 2012 Columbia Valley Grenache.  Details about the wines are in the "Wines" link above.  

At Ocelli Cellars (ah-sell-eye), we will be striving to showcase Grenache in all its possibilities by sourcing fruit from the various growing regions of Washington.  For the foreseeable future, all of our wines will be 100% Grenache, as we want to show how great Grenache can be on its own, without the interference from other grape varieties that may come with blending.
To place an order, please email ocellicellars@gmail.com with the quantity of each wine you would like, and we will coordinate getting the wine hand-delivered or shipped to you.  10% case discounts apply for any purchase of 12 bottles or more.

We can’t wait to get these wines in your glass, and genuinely hope you enjoy them as much as we loved crafting them. This amazing project wouldn’t be possible without the support of each and every one of you, and we hope you will share these wines (and/or this email) with your wine loving friends and family as well.  Your support is sincerely appreciated! 
John & Sirpa

Welcome to our new website!

Wow!   We've already come this far.  A couple of years, a couple of websites.  But we hope you find this one as beautiful as we do!  

There isn't much yet, but there is a LOT more to come.  To keep up with us more frequently, find us on Facebook!